zwischen Raum / Between Spaces (2014)

How much space do we need? How distant are we from one another? How is the space defined which keeps us apart? Where does the gap start and where does it end? And what is our relationship to it? What is our relationship to each other in general? At a time when everything seems to be merely a subjective point of view, Between Spaces spotlights these questions from different perspectives. The piece transpires playfully on a journey through an ever changing dramatic landscape: a panorama of sounds and images, materialising and vanishing. A journey that begins and leads nowhere except, perhaps, to the realisation that the goal was often overrated. Today we are completely opposed, tomorrow we can not be anything but in favour and in the interim nobody speaks about it. With a constant ebb and flow of abstract structures, the piece recounts stories of everyday encounters and glides along the interface between visual and performing arts.





Anna Anderegg - concept, dance
Marco Barotti - music, sound design
Milica Slacanin - scenography
Laura Keil - dance
Antoniya Ivanova - costume design
Caroline Gicquel - light design
Robert Lange - technical director
Baudilio Perez - architecture
Moni Wespi - oeil exterieur
Valentin Sommer - music & programming
Nadine Becker - production

photos: © Christian Anderegg & Paula Reissig

coproduced by

Kleintheater Luzern
Südpol Luzern
Fabrik Potsdam
Dampfzentrale Bern
Uferstudios Berlin

supported by

Stadt Biel
Kanton Bern
Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung
Nesté Foundation pour l'Art
Migros Kulturprozent
Saxer & Zimmermann

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