ANNA ANDEREGG is a Swiss artist working with performance and film. Her practice explores the interdependence of the human body and its habitat. Her work can be seen as a bodily and henceforth spatial negotiation between closeness and distance. This becomes a conscious mediation between the audience, the performers, the space and the imagination. Her works leave a strong visual impact in a multitude of art forms that cluster in unexpected environments, from public space, private apartments, industrial halls, theaters to art museums.

ANNA ANDEREGG studied dance in Bern, Montpellier and Berlin. In 2013 she won both the June Johnson Award (Swiss national dance prize) and the German Kultur & Kreativpiloten Deutschland award. Anderegg’s work has been shown throughout Europe, as well as in Asia and the United States. In 2018, she created the piece “Fragmented”, commissioned by the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow. Between 2017 - 2019 she was a visiting professor at the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). And in 2021 she was commissioned to create the Swiss pavilion project at the Gwangju Art Biennale in South Korea, she developed a performance, an installation, and a movie called ALONE TOGETHER.

The artist formerly worked under the name Asphalt Piloten today she works under her name Anna Anderegg.

photo: Julija Goyd

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