Cities are the absence of physical space between people: proximity, density and closeness become our main advantages. They allow us to work together, play together and grow together. They are since ever an inspiring cluster of ideas and inventions, where we create dense networks and relationships.

But as more and more people decide to live in the city today, we are increasingly challenged on both physical and virtual levels to grapple with questions of living together. In many cities all around the world “gentrification” seems to be a major topic. Public space is shrinking in the topography of urban planning, a majority of common spaces are being privatized, monitored or serve commercial purposes. Urban growth eliminates accessibility to public spaces and free spaces. And when public spaces do get created, they’re often in service of a specific target group.

In July 2017 ASPHALT PILOTEN was asked to create a site-specific performance for the GASWERK AREAL in Bern. BUILDING SPACES researches the physical influence „free space“ has on the physical body. An inflatable transparent scenography lets the viewer experience an outdoor adventure with three architectonical structures. 



Anna Anderegg - concept
Laura Keil - dance
Manou Koreman - dance
Seungyoon Choi - dance
Elia Lopez - dance
Marco Barotti - set design & sound design
Plastique Fantastique - set design
Antoniya Ivanova - costume design
Mattia Tuliozzi - Technique
Nadine Becker - Management

supported by

Arts Council Korea

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