13th Gwangju Biennale Swiss Pavilion Project

The Gwangju Biennale, one of the most important contemporary art exhibitions in Asia, will for the first time host a Swiss Pavilion. Co-organised by Kunsthaus Pasquart (Biel/CH) and the Eunam Museum of Art in Gwangju, the pavilion will present ALONE TOGETHER, a performative piece and visual installation, by the Swiss choreographer ANNA ANDEREGG which will be premiered at the BIENNALE 2021 in GWANGJU, with a team of artists from Europe and South Korea.

For 30 years, we have seen the Internet gradually seeping into every corner of our lives. Most of us are constantly in touch with our fellow human beings on multiple analogue and digital levels. We have accepted that our attention, time and personal data are the currency for online participation. But what does it mean for a society to be in a constant fragmented state of consciousness? And if our environment is the social media connecting us all, how come we still feel so solitary? How do our bodies evolve and endure in a state of physical isolation and permanent digital connection? What does it do to us when we are all almost permanently absent - in digital worlds?

In ALONE TOGETHER, four women invite the public to reflect on digital connectivity, online empathy, attention, isolation and absence in a multi-layered narrative.

While the eyes of the performers linger through the digital windows on the happenings of the world, the viewers watch their disconnected bodies as they stare at their screens and gradually transform into hybrid living sculptures serving and glorifying the technological devices. We start to wonder at which point the bodies are still in control of their own movements or if the process of automation has taken over unconscious physical actions. On the other hand, in the online milieu, the social requires our constant participation, in the form of clicking. Humans need to make the actual link. Machines will not make the vital connection for us, no matter how much we assign. There is a sort of network relativism, it doesn't matter so much what we say on those platforms, in the end its all data ready to be mined. Or as the media theorist Geert Lovink describes: “What we transmit are the bare signals indicating that we are still alive.” 

ALONE TOGETHER investigates the narcotic distraction with technology, consumerism and celebrity culture through a body of work that consists of a performance and a film. The performance takes place in an abstract space and a complex five-hour looped time structure. The performed actions are building a network space through which the audience can wander freely.


Anna Anderegg / Choreography & Performance
Seung Yoon Choi / Performance
Laureline Richard / Performance
Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez / Performance
Diagonal Thought - Sara Kim / Architectural Elements & Space Design
Marco Barotti / Sound Design
Swan Park / Cinematography
Johanna Hilari / Dramaturgy
Our Labour - Chunghyung Lee, Chung Kihoon / lighting design
Antoniya Ivanova / Costume Design
Anna-Sara Skarin / Assistant Costume Design
Plastique Fantastique / iSphere
Milica Slacanin / Visual Segments
Pauline Doutreluingne / Text
Junghyun Kwon / Translation
Commune 107 – Sunghyun Park, Eunchong Park / Metal Fabrication[AA4]
Jisoo Gook / Production Management
Nadine Becker / Management


Kunsthaus Pasquart
Eunam Museum of Arts


Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea




Swiss Fund Korea
Arts Council Korea
City of Biel
Canton Bern                                                                 
City of Detmold
Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation
Ernst Göhner Foundation
Pro Helvetia


  Research (2020)


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