around the block (2014)

AROUND THE BLOCK is a site-specific sound and video installation which seeks to steer the focus to what is around us, what is immediate, the here and now. Catching the attention of the urban passer-by, suggesting an escape from their daily life and offering them a distorted reflection of their environment.



Anna Anderegg - concept & dance
Marco Barotti - composition
Camilla Mantovani - cinematography
Henne Fritze - projection
Ber Caumel - construction


L'Abattoir, Chalon sur Saone, FR
La Paperie Angers, FR
L'Atelline, Montpellier, FR
Zürich tanzt, Zürich, CH

pictures © Danilo Rasori

supported by

Edith Maryon Stiftung
Ernst Gönner Stiftung
Fondation E.C Art Pomaret
Schweizer Tanzpreise
June Johnson Danceprice - Stanley Johnson Stiftung
James Bullough

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