SILVER BOOM is a proposal for a physical invasion performed by senior women. The work interrogates the interdependency of space, gender, and age; it focusses on the growth of a collective awareness and emphasizes on the process within a group.

This is a ongoing creation. The choreographer Anna Anderegg aims to create a concept that can be reproduced in different cities.

A past 1-month research conducted in Switzerland, leads the way to this proposal. The envisioned participatory format uses improvisational tools to deconstruct movement norms in the city, claiming ownership of an aged female bodily presence in public spaces. SILVER BOOM is a reappropriation and a poetic disturbance of the everyday routine and thus giving voice to our retired cohabitants. The disruption of the daily pace in the city allows us to reflect upon our values as a society.

The images are from a mediation-project that took place in Switzerland in August 2018, hosted by fOrum Culture on the invitation of Noémie Saga Hirt in collaboration with Hervé Thiot.


Anna Anderegg - concept
Milica Slacanin - visual concept
Marie Reverdy - dramaturgy
Nina Gazaniol - video
Hana Zeqa - costume design
Arnauld Pirault - oeil exterieur
Marco Barotti - sound design

Nationales Performance Netz (DE)
Bildstörung, Detmold (DE)
Teatri Oda (XK)
IKubia Stiftung (DE)
Hangar 21, Detmold (DE)
Lieux Public, Marseille (FR) 

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